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Saratan LS

Poly naphthalene sulfonate sodium salt

Product description
Saratan LS is a highly effective dispersant, having a lower sulphate content than Saratan T, for a wide variety of pigments, including carbon black, mineral colorants, organic dyestuffs, fillers, extenders, clays.

Product features
  • Low sulphate
  • Retains its dispersing ability over a wide range of pH and temperature.
  • Is not surface active and will not cause foaming.
  • Enables higher solids loading in aqueous slurries.
  • Can be used with anionic or non-ionic surfactants when lower surface or inter-facial tension is required.
  • Stabilizes and reduces viscosity of most thick pastes without separation of the solid particles.
Recommended for the following applications:
  • Wetting agent in cotton and rayon processing
  • Dyeing and levelling aid in the leather industry
  • Dispersant and penetrant in fabric dye liquors
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