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Product description
Megapol is a high performance acrylic based polymer specifically developed to achieve improved concrete properties. It is an effective dispersant, fluidifier and high range water reducing agent.

Product features
  • Produces extended slump life.
  • Requires reduced dosages.
  • Improves the flow properties of the concrete mix by dispersing the particles and preventing re-agglomeration.
  • Improves the rheological and mechanical properties of concrete such as workability, compressive and flexural strengths, modulus of elasticity.
  • Promotes usage of cementitious supplementary materials such as silica fume, fly ash and blast furnace slag.
Recommended for the following applications:
  • High performance concrete
  • Precasting
  • Pumping concrete
  • Concrete containing fly ash or silica fume
  • Blast furnace slag concrete
  • Specially shaped concrete slabs
  • Architectural concrete
  • Self-compacting concrete
  • Lightweight concrete
  • Marine concrete
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