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Disal OGS

Poly naphthalene sulfonate sodium salt

Product description
Disal OGS is a highly cost effective dispersant and friction reducer for oil well cements.

Product features
  • Improves the flow properties of the cement mix by dispersing the particles and preventing re-agglomeration.
  • Allows turbulent flow conditions to be reached at lower pump pressures.
  • Can be used with other types of cementitious materials containing fly ash and silica fume.
  • Is most effective at the Alkaline level of pH 7.0 - 14.0.
  • Has high temperature stability in the 400º F. (204º C) range.
  • Does not contribute to reinforcement corrosion or mold growth.
Recommended for the following applications:
  • Oil & Gas Drilling
  • Coal Slurries
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